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Jim Blaha


Jimi started playing drums in the early 80's playing in the cover bands Shelter, Johnny Reb and Bad Influence.  Since his drumming days he has transferred to Vocals as the lead singer of cover bands such as Dirty Talk and Yesterdays Child.  He is looking forward to contributing to the continued success of SubtleFeud as lead vocalist and collaborating/writing the original songs you will find on upcoming recordings and on stage

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Christopher Lee King


Christopher started playing music at a young age, at five he started playing drums, at fourteen switched to the guitar. He is known for his work with such bands as Sacred Trust, Sanctuary Grace, Destiny, Potters Field and also a solo artist as well as others. He has been recorded on over twenty albums so far.


Christopher co-founded SubtleFeud in 2007 with ex-bassist Brandon Meyers. Since the creation of the band he has worked very hard at maintaining the band's success and continues to strive at making SF the biggest band it can be.

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Dusty Beech


Dusty has a long history in the Columbus scene from his White Raven days with Terry Ferguson of Evil X and Sanity Remains. Also as the bassist of six years for Full Throttle. Dusty is a welcomed addition to the band and a huge talent that we will be featuring on our new cd.

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Gary "The Animal"

Gary got his fame as a drummer in his last band Vertical Reign.


Gary joined SutleFeud half way through their Never Look Back Tour in 2011.


Gary has made strides to learn everything that the band has recorded so far and to even do a serious amount of writing on the band's current album Gettin' By. He is by far the most versatile drummer the band has ever had. Christopher has been quoted as saying "Gary is the best of all three recorded drummers that we've had all wrapped into one package, we are lucky to have him"

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