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The year was 2007, Rhythm guitarist Brandon Meyers called his former guitar teacher Christopher Lee King and asked him to help start a band. He wanted to call it SubtleFeud and said he already had a bassist on board by the name is Zack Easterday. Zack would not end up in the band due to other commitments. Brandon would take over the bass spot from this point on. Brandon and Christopher joined forces with drummer Mike Sony and vocalist Liz Swain. They recorded a two song demo that included "Broken Wings" and "Lie To Me". Liz was fired for personal reasons and Mike left due to scheduling issues.

2008 Brought the band into a working entity. Brandon and Christopher hired drummer Chad Kerns and vocalist Nate Wehner. They recorded and released their first ep titled "Breeding Gods" featuring the singles for the songs "Corruption" and "Standing Here". The band also recorded a six song demo that would be released later under the title of "Demonstration" that would feature the singles for "Fear The Devil" which was a reworking of the song "Broken Wings" from their 2007 Demo and "Follow Me". "Demonstration" also featured a reworked version of the song "Lie To Me" from their 2007 Demo. This was the lineup that would get the band out on the local Columbus, Ohio show circuit. After just a few shows Nate was let go for personal issues. Nate was replaced with new vocalist Mikey Smith. This lineup recorded another two song demo featuring the songs "No Compromise" and "Puppet On A String [Part: 2]" which was a part two to an instrumental song on the "Breeding Gods" ep by the same title. They would continue shows with this lineup for a couple of months until Mikey quit the band due to family health issues. Chad would soon leave the band as well to pursue other projects. 

2009 would feature the band in their first three piece lineup featuring Brandon, Christopher and new drummer Ryan Koch. The band decided to give up the search for a new vocalist and have Christopher take over the position. Their first live cd and dvd were released. Recorded the year before with the Mikey Smith lineup it would be titled "Live At The Basement" featuring the single for "No Compromise [Live]". The band started playing shows to get Ryan into the public eye while writing and recording their first full length cd titled "Random Acts Of Chaos".  Featuring the singles for, "Never Change", "Feel", "Enemy" and "Descriptions Of You" which was a reworking of the same song from the "Demonstration" ep. The album also featured a reworking of the song "Eye Of The Storm" also from the "Demonstration" ep. This album led the band in a new musical direction than before as well a nine month regional tour. 

2010 would see the band still touring for "Random Acts Of Chaos" and releasing another live cd titled "Unplugged/Live" featuring the single for "Get Your Guns [Live]". This release was recorded in 2009 on Halloween night as part of a benefit show and showcased the band doing the set as an acoustic act. Ryan left the band early in 2010 for personal reasons and was replaced by new drummer Mike Cowley. Mike brought a new showman style to the band that had not been there before. 

After the "Live Acts Of Chaos Tour" was over the band quickly returned to the studio to rehearse and record songs that they had been working on while on tour. The new release would be an ep that would be titled "Transfusion". Released in October of 2010 the ep started making a lot of noise in the industry. The band got their first taste of radio exposure with the single for "Daddy's Little Girl" as well as Youtube exposure starting with their debut music video for "The Bitter End".  The ep also got the band their first album and single charting positions. The ep reached #5 on Reverbnation while the single for "Miles Away" reached #5 on Reverbradio and "Eye For An Eye" reached #1 on Songvault radio and #3 on Reverbradio. The ep was critically acclaimed in a review by CMR [Columbus Music Review] and nominated for one of the best top ten releases of the year by CMR.

The band started their "Never Look Back 2010 and Beyond Tour" as soon as the ep dropped. This tour would last two years and make the band a national act. Mike was fired half way through the tour due to conflict of interests and replaced by Ex-Vertical Reign drummer Gary The Animal to finish out the tour.

In 2011 the band released "In The Beginning". This was a compiled version of both the "Breeding Gods" and "Demonstration" ep's. This format was put out so that fans would no longer have to buy both. It included not only a new title but also a new cover. The two ep's are still available in original digital form for the fans that want to collect them.

The band also released their first compilation titled "Then and Now". There were both the cd and dvd. The dvd featured mostly live footage of the band from 2008 through 2010 as well as some of the music videos from the "Transfusion" ep. The cd included the same songs but in studio recorded form.

In late 2012 the band ended their "Never Look Back 2010 and Beyond Tour". The band wrapped the tour and began working on demos of material that they had worked on while on tour as well as finished the writing process for the next studio release. The recording process began and quickly came to a halt as the band had to move locations and start all over again because of different sounding drum rooms.

2013 started off with the band starting over in the recording process for their next cd and again after four months came to another halt due to hard drive failures. The material at this point that was recorded was completely lost. The band would get the hard drive problems solved and start the process from scratch again. They would spend the rest of 2013 in the studio working on the next release.

2014 began with the band in yet a new location finishing the recording process for their next cd. They spent all of 2014 finishing the recording of this cd mainly due to re-recording guitars because no one was happy with the original recorded sound. Some of the bass tracks were re-recorded due to poor levels that could not be fixed.

During this years recording efforts the band decided that the fans still deserved to get something new so they released a third live cd titled "Live Traxxx". This was a compilation of live recordings going back to the "Live Acts Of Chaos Tour" all the way through till the end of the "Never Look Back 2010 and Beyond Tour".

2015 would see the band wrapping up the final stages of the recording process for their next cd and entering the mixing and mastering stage. This took about a year due to the album being mixed at two different locations and getting promo material put together such as new music videos, video promo spots and so on. The mastering would be the only thing to get completely done in one location.


The band knew the release would not see the light of day in 2015 so they decided to put out their second and in some people's opinions their official compilation. "The Collection" was a fourteen song release spanning the bands complete history to date.

2016 would finally see the release of the band's long awaited new studio cd titled "Gettin' By". There was so much buzz built up around the release that radio stations all over the world picked up the debut single "Easy Come, Easy Go". The single hit #2 on S2S radio, #1 on Songvault radio and Reverbradio as well as reaching #162 on the Billboard International rock radio charts. The official music video for this song became the most viewed video on their Youtube channel.


The Single for "Outside Looking In" hit #3 on Reverbradio as well as #1 on Songvault radio and S2S radio. The "Goodbye" single hit #1 on Reverbradio and S2S radio as well as #2 on Songvault radio. The single for the remake of the classic Monkey's song "Steppin' Stone II" would hit #2 on Reverbradio, #5 on Songvault radio and #1 on S2S radio.

The band started the first of two short runs of shows for "Gettin' By" in 2016 and continued until the weather got bad enough to halt traveling.

In 2017 the band picked up more shows starting in the spring once weather broke. Personal problems with Brandon began to arise due to drug and alcohol issues. The band stopped playing shows to get him help with AA but eventually had to part ways with him as a result of the situation not getting any better. Brandon would be replaced by Ex-Praxis bassist Aaron Eastman in late 2017.

2018 would see the band getting back to doing a hand full of things. Their first podcast on Antman VS hosted by Music Familia where Aaron made his debut with the band as well a couple of shows. They were one of the last bands to play at Bethel Road Pub before it shut down. Christopher said that this is one of the highlights in this band being that they were doing a show with some of his biggest mentors.