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[From left to right]

Jim Blaha - Vocals

Christopher Lee King - Guitars

Dusty Beech - Bass

Gary The Animal - Drums and Percussion


The power rock-trio SubtleFeud delivers a driving blend of 80's rock, progressive, and modern sounds pulled from their multi-album catalogue, creating a sonic combination of influence meets originality.

The band's long awaited follow up to "Transfusion" titled "Gettin' By" has now been released. There was so much buzz built up around the release that radio stations all over the world picked up the debut single "Easy Come, Easy Go". The single hit #1 on Songvault radio and Reverbradio as well as reaching #162 on the Billboard International rock radio charts. The official music video for this song became the most viewed video on their Youtube channel.

The Single for "Outside Looking In" hit #1 on Songvault radio and S2S radio. The "Goodbye" single hit #1 on Reverbradio and S2S radio and the single for the remake of the classic Monkey's song "Steppin' Stone II" hit #1 on S2S radio.



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August 17 at 6:26 PM · 

Artist: SubtleFeud 
Date: 8/10/19

Last week was Jim Blaha's first gig with the band and they were all fabulous. The group as a trio was great, but having Blaha's experience and skillset in the group takes them to a whole different level. Give them a follow to catch the next time they're playing

This trio's rock solid as a metal act. You ought to go check them out as they'll impress.



The band was a feature act for the British Heavy Metal band Cloven Hoof during their United States tour.

The lead single from Gettin By: Easy Come Easy Go hit #2 on S2S radio, #1 on Songvault Radio as well as Reverbradio and #162 on Billboard International rock radio charts. 

The single for Goodbye from Gettin' By hit #1 on S2S Radio as well as Reverbradio and #2 on Songvault Radio.

The single for Outside Lookin' In from Gettin' By hit #3 on Reverbradio, #1 on S2S Radio and Songvault Radio.

The single for Steppin' Stone II from Gettin' By hit #2 on Reverbradio, #5 on Songvault Radio and #1 on S2S Radio.

The band is currently ranked at #1 on Reverbnation.



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